McDonalds put Chips Ahoy chocolate on their ice cream

Mc Flurry from Chips Ahoy

This famous fast food franchise once again experiments with new combinations of its traditional McFlurry with flavors that Venezuelans like.

The American fast food franchise McDonalds once again experimented with a new combination of its traditional MacFlurry with the flavor of the Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie.

“Can you imagine the Chips Ahoy cookie with McDonald's iconic vanilla ice cream? Well today you have it!

The new Mc Flurry Chips Ahoy has arrived to make palates fall in love and show that there are combinations that become irresistible,” the American franchise with a presence in Venezuela announced on its Instagram account.

Although an American invention, cookies with sparks of chocolate have become in recent years one of the favorites of Venezuelans.

Chips Ahoy, from the American transnational Nabisco, were for a long time the most sold chocolate chip cookies in the country, until the release of other versions such as those produced by Polar, with its flagship product Toddy.

McDonald's Mc Flurries

For a few years McDonalds Venezuela has been creating new flavors of its Mc Flurry with combinations in which the cookies and desserts that Venezuelans like the most stand out.

Among the most remembered combinations are Mc Flurry with Samba, with Oreo, with Pirulin y Toronto.

They have also combined the Mc Flurry with Cocosette, Prestigio, Kit Kat, Galak and Flips.

As well as with desserts that Venezuelans love like torta three milksplatforms, Brownie and the chocolate and passion fruit cake by Venezuelan chef Victor Pastries.

They have also brought out the Sundae from Nucita and the basket with Flips and with Susy's topping

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