Look at the cute chocolate orangutan that Guichon made

Amaury Guichon

The famous Swiss-French chocolatier chef accompanies with his voice a video showing how he makes this tender figure of pure chocolate.

Swiss-French chocolatier chef Amaury Guichon, famous for a video in which he is seen creating a giraffe Chocolate giant, continues to amaze his followers on social networks with his latest chocolate sculpture, that of a friendly orangutan.

In this new video, he shows his creation step by step along with his voice-over, which he includes for the first time in his audiovisuals published on his networks.

“For this chocolate creation I thought it would be fun to describe part of the process in audio, it's my first time doing this so feel free to turn up the volume and let me know if you like it in the comments section!

It took me 5 days and 140 pounds of chocolate to create this life-size orangutan holding a bamboo stick!

I love the technique I used to create the realistic skin texture for the face!

What do you guys think?" The pastry chef posted on his Facebook account.

Guichon is a chocolatier pastry chef known around the world for his original and impressive cake designs and sculptures of chocolate.

In 2022, he published a video on TikTok making a giraffe of chocolate two meters high, turning out to be one of the most viewed that year.

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