Chocolate and rum mousse

Chocolate and rum mousse

In the best pastry style, this is how the chocolate and rum mousse is prepared.


2 tbsp rum, 100g chocolate coating, 50g sugar,
20 g of margarine, 2 eggs, grated coconut (to decorate),
hazelnuts (to decorate), almonds (to decorate).


We place the chocolate in a bain-marie; when it is melted, add the margarine, the 2 yolks and the rum. Mix, remove from heat and reserve. We beat the 2 egg whites until they take consistency, add the sugar and beat well until it dissolves. With a spatula, we unite both preparations in an enveloping way so that the textures are integrated. We refrigerate. Decorate with grated coconut, hazelnuts and almonds. We serve cold.

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