Mucilage ice cream, do you know its flavor and what part of the cocoa is it?

mucilage ice cream

A chocolate shop in Madrid brought out this creamy and innovative flavor that we are sure few have tried in their lives.

In the ice cream recipe there is no limit to flavors, and the Madrid chocolate house Cacao en Broma, aware of this, produced a creamy ice cream flavored with mucilage, which is the pulp that covers the cocoa bean, whose fruit flavor varies between an acid tone and sweet.

The cocoa tree, which only grows in the equatorial region between 20° north and 20° south and reaches about 7 meters in height, produces fruits in the form of fibrous pods, called pods, which measure between 15 and 25 centimeters in length. length and 7,5 to 10 cm in diameter.

These ears contain between 20 and 40 seeds, each about 2,5 cm in length, covered in a sweet and sour pulp that can be white or cream in color called mucilage.

Criollo cacao mucilages are characterized by their sweet floral aromas and flavors, while Trinitarios have a flavor reminiscent of soursop.

In the country's cocoa towns such as the coastal Chuao, they use the mucilage to prepare jams and other sweets that are loved by the locals.

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