Nestlé Savoy added caramel to the Carré

Carré with caramel

This creamy premium square chocolate bar has been present in the Venezuelan market since 2007.

Nestlé Savoy brought out a new flavor in its line of premium Carré chocolates: it added pieces of caramel to 40% cocoa dark chocolate.

Thus, this chocolate industry adds to this collection that was born in 2007 with the Carré dry fruit tablet, a new flavor that according to the multinational is a trend in 2022.

Nestlé Savoy Carré

This creamy chocolate bar, which owes its name to its square shape (Carré is square in French), was born in 1991, on the company's 50th anniversary Savoy, acquired by the multinational Nestlé in 1988.

According to records, this multinational produced a special edition of chocolates that was later the basis for developing its first premium-type chocolate.

In 2007, the Carré tablet with dried fruits was launched on the Venezuelan market, and later other flavors were launched, such as milk chocolate filled with pieces of caramelized peanuts, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate and almonds, chocolate with milk fruits and nuts.

Currently, only the Carré tablet of milk chocolate and hazelnuts can be purchased.

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