Nestlé Savoy will distribute prizes for Chocolate Day

Nestle Savoy

To be able to participate, chocolate lovers will only have to buy one of their favorite products from this transnational such as Samba, Carré or Galak.

To celebrate Chocolate Day, which is celebrated around the world on September 13, the multinational Nestlé Savoy will distribute prizes with the purchase of at least three of its chocolate products in its online store.

“Enter, put the participating products in the search engine, and place your order to receive it directly at home,” the multinational published on its Instagram account.

The mini hazelnut Carré, the Galak tablet and tube, the strawberry and chocolate Samba, the Chokito and the Savoy milk chocolate bar are the participating brands.

The drawing will be held until November 15 and the prizes include everything from 55-inch televisions to cornets, video game consoles and Sodexo vouchers for $1.000.

chocolate day

Since 1995, every September 13, in tribute to the author of the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the British writer Roald Dahl, International Chocolate Day is celebrated.

In this novel for children, published in 1964 and adapted to the cinema three times, in 2023 the third version comes out, chocolate is the main protagonist.

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