Nestlé Savoy brought out a new size of Strawberry Samba

Strawberry Samba

This transnational presented a larger version to share of its famous wafer with strawberry covered with chocolate.

The multinational Nestle Savoy brought out a new version the size of its traditional milk chocolate-covered strawberry-filled wafer: a bigger one to share but without changing its original flavor.

“All the irresistible flavor of Samba, now in a new size. Put more rhythm in your life with this new version, ideal for sharing and enjoying to the fullest! Nestlé Savoy published on its Instagram account.

With this new presentation, Nestlé Savoy seeks to keep its Strawberry Samba in the spotlight again, as it did with its famous Maxi Samba, which was in the Venezuelan market for a few years.

Savoy wafers

The Samba is part of the production line of wafers that the Venezuelan company Savoy launched in the middle of the 70th century and that has remained, almost XNUMX years later, as one of the favorites of Venezuelans along with the Cocosette and the Susy.

Although currently only the strawberry and chocolate filling is available, for many years we could choose between these two and the peanut butter, coconut and hazelnut filling (formerly Carlton).

Commercials for this crunchy treat remind us of these varied flavors.

Strawberry Samba McFlurry

This delicious wafer has also been featured in the long list of famous McDonalds McFlurries ice cream flavors.

In July 2022, this fast food chain of American origin, in alliance with Nestlé Savoy, launches again its Strawberry Samba McFlurry, in which it combines its creamy vanilla ice cream with bits of Samba stuffed with strawberry and covered with chocolate, with the traditional chocolate topping, then 8 years after its first release.

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