Nestlé brings the Chokito chocolate bonbon to Venezuela


This sweet covered and filled with pieces of puffed rice is made in Brazil and longed for in Chile.

Nestlé Venezuela included in its line of sweets the famous chocolate bar covered and filled with Chokito puffed rice.

"With a chocolate flavor and filled with bits of puffed rice, our new Chokito® bar has arrived to sweeten your senses," this transnational published on her Venezuelan Instagram account.

This sweet, longed for by Chileans who knew it in the 80s and 90s, has been made in Brazil by Chocolate Garoto LTDA, from Nestlé Brazil, since the XNUMXs.

Its main ingredients are condensed milk, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, rice flakes, sugar and cocoa powder.

They miss him in Chile

While in Venezuela they present us with this chocolate, in Chile many yearn for it. In the 80's and 90's it became very famous for its flavor and the commercials of the moment.

And a year ago, the longing for this missing chocolate rebounded after Nestlé Chile, in favor of respect and non-discrimination, changed the name of its Negrita chocolate candy to Chokita.

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