New chocolate train in Switzerland starts operations

chocolate train

This newly inaugurated railway will connect Bern, the Swiss capital, with Broc, home to Maison Cailler, the oldest still operating chocolate factory in Switzerland.

One of the most important tourist attractions in Switzerland: the Maison Cailler, which is the oldest still operating chocolate factory in this country and home to the largest chocolate museum in the world, inaugurated a new train together with the Swiss public transport company of chocolate that connects Bern, the capital, with Broc, home of this chocolate shop.

Thus, with this new railway and route, which is added to the traditional chocolate train that connects Montreux with Broc, more tourists will visit Maison Cailler.

Lettered in the colors of chocolate and adorned with the characteristic Swiss Alps, this new chocolate train reaches Broc from Bern in just 1 hour and 18 minutes.

On the website of the Swiss public transport company, the TPF, it is highlighted that this chocolate railway will immerse its passengers in a postcard environment throughout its route through Bern, Friborg, Romont, Bulle and Broc-Fabrique.

The first chocolate train

The first railway that connected visitors to the chocolate factory from Montreux was designated as the chocolate train.

Its wagons are elegantly decorated in the Belle Epoque style (1915) and on its exterior, labeled with chocolate-colored parts, you can read Chocolate Train in French and German, which is why it is considered one more attraction when visiting the Maison Cailler.

The journey lasts more than 7 hours and its route begins in Montreux, continues to Montbovon in the GoldenPass Belle Epoque, Gruyères and Broc Fabrique.

Chocolate is one of the most deeply rooted foods in Swiss culture, a country where the technique of making it was perfected, making it more fine and delicious.

The Swiss chocolate factory Cailler was the first to put milk in the chocolate bar with support from the founder of Nestlé.

The history of chocolate is told by this chocolate house in its factory in Broc, where they decided to open their doors to receive visitors from all over Switzerland, European countries and other continents of the world.

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