Bishop of Guarenas brought chocolate from Barlovento to the Vatican

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Monsignor Tulio Ramírez seeks to exalt the work of cocoa and chocolate producers in this region of Miranda.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Guarenas, Monsignor Tulio Ramírez, presented Pope Francis with chocolates and chocolate bars made by the Río Chico Fogata artisan factory during an audience in the Vatican.

“Since Pope Francis appointed me bishop of the Diocese of Guarenas, I had not been able to come to Rome. I always dreamed of bringing him a sample of the best chocolate in Venezuela on my next visit to the Pope," said the monsignor, quoted by the social networks of the Diocese of Guarenas.

In this way, Monsignor Ramírez seeks to exalt the work of the producers of cacao and chocolate from this region of Miranda.

In 2021, Ramírez got to know the inhabitants and cocoa farmers up close in Barlovento during an evangelistic mission.

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