Oreo, the most famous chocolate chip cookie, turns 110


In Venezuela they celebrated their birthday at a party where chefs showed the desserts they can make with this cookie.

One of the most famous cookies in the world, the Oreo, celebrated this 2022 110 years since its release for the first time in the US market and, in Venezuela, where it has been enjoyed since the XNUMXs, they celebrated their birthday at a party where pastry chefs they showed the desserts that they can make with this cookie.

In the Quinta La Esmeralda, in Caracas, the creations of the Las Tortas de Nana brand paraded, in charge of a multi-tiered cake with allegorical biscuit designs; the mini lobster tails with filling and American Oreo topping made by Atípico Desserts; the monster cookies by Víctor Patries; the Chocology cupcakes; the polka dots cheesecake and the wafers – alfajor from Jaque Mate.

Also, at this party, instead of toasting with glasses of Champagne, they did it with milk, where it was mandatory to soak the American-style Oreo cookies.

oreo candy

This celebration was the occasion to formalize the launch of the special limited edition of the Oreo Confite, a new flavor wrapped in a package that alludes to the 110 years of this brand, a large Oreo cookie that simulates being a cake with six colored candles .

Flavor that is added to the already traditional ones in the Venezuelan market, the chocolate Oreo, vanilla, American type, coffee; and the most recent, the Piña Colada Oreo, a vanilla cookie with cream flavored with this tropical drink that this brand released in a limited edition.

The Christmas Oreo

In the same wave of new launches, this transnational cookie brand will bring out its Christmas edition in December, which will consist of the typical American-type dark chocolate wrapped in packaging with allegorical designs for the season, but where the protagonists are our most iconic landscapes such as the Angel Falls, the Ávila, the coastal sunsets and the Bridge over Lake Maracaibo.

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  • Fabulous, what a success, I love the Oreo cookie, my favorite, the traditional American one and the coffee one, not to mention, delicious!!!! I love Oreo cookie

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