They ask to declare June 8 Chocolate Day in Venezuela

Chocolate Day in Venezuela

The Fundación Nuestra Tierra, responsible for this initiative that has been celebrated by Venezuelan chocolatiers since 2016, asked the National Assembly to make it official.

The Fundación Nuestra Tierra (Fundatierra) formally requested the National Assembly to declare June 8 National Chocolate Day.

Its president, Leudys González, consigned this week the collections of the proposal, among them 22.000 signatures of support, so that it can be studied by the country's legislative body.

"In the midst of great emotion, we have delivered to the Directorate of Citizen Participation of the National Assembly the signatures collected to promote June 8 National Chocolate Day," González reported on his social networks.

They also consigned a proposal for the Venezuelan Cocoa and Chocolate Law as a Popular initiative.

"We delivered a bill that collected, for four years, the contributions of the cocoa and chocolate sector in Venezuela," said González.

For about six years, Venezuelan chocolatiers have commemorated this day with fairs in which they exhibit their cocoa-based products.

In the world, Chocolate Day has been celebrated every September 13 since 1995 in tribute to the British writer Roald Dahl, author of the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and who was born on that day but in 1916.

Why celebrate Chocolate Day in Venezuela on June 8?

Fundatierra chose June 8 to celebrate the National Chocolate Day because this is the day that one of the oldest Venezuelan chocolate companies in the country, and with the longest operating years, The India, made its registration in the country.

The chocolate Factory The India until 1995, it produced chocolates, chocolate for cups, among other products. There are still generations that remember the flavor and aroma of this chocolate.

In Venezuela, chocolate was drunk in La India cups for more than 100 years.

Fundatierra has also promoted in the past the National Cocoa Day in Venezuela, which is celebrated every October 1.

Around this date, Fundatierra organized between 2014 and 2019 the International Cocoa Expo in the spaces of the Poliedro de Caracas.

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