Pirulin, the tray that evolves in size and flavor


In its more than 30 years of production, the Sindoni family has known how to maintain over time and give freshness to this delicious candy filled with cocoa and hazelnut that fascinates Venezuelans.

The success of the Pirulin, that crunchy shell filled with cocoa and hazelnuts, has led the Sindoni Venezuelan family of Italian descent to innovate in flavors and sizes.

In the almost 40 years that it has been in the national market, and a little less in the international market, this candy that Venezuelans love has grown in flavors by creating the versions filled with coconut and lemon, and in size, by presenting a smaller cone large in thickness covered with chocolate.

We can even enjoy a delicious family-size spread with the only flavor of the filling that this delicious treat has.

From the Nucita de Sindoni brand

In the more than half a century that the Sindoni family, based in the city of Maracay, in Aragua, has been producing in the country, it has achieved success in various areas of the local and national economy.

Sindoni began operations in 1951 with a pasta factory and gradually diversified into other areas such as the production of plastic containers, flour for bakeries, sweets; the hotel, metallurgical, agricultural, construction and communication sectors, with the management of printed and audiovisual information media.

But it is in 1976 that it opens its doors to its Nucita Venezolana candy plant, to manufacture chocolate spreads and wafers filled with chocolate and other flavors, with Venezuelan cocoa processed in its cocoa processing plant located in Magdaleno, in the state of Aragua.

The internationalization of Pirulin

And it is such a success that, in 2014, the Sindoni family bets on the internationalization of Pirulin as a brand from a new production plant in the Dominican Republic.

Thus, thanks to free market treaties signed by the Dominican government, and the advantageous geographical location, it would, according to the Sindoni, be the perfect country to manufacture and export their delicious Pirulin-branded treats to Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

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