Ponche Crema added Franceschi's cocoa to his drink

Cocoa Cream Punch

To this traditional Venezuelan cocktail, which dates back to 1900, the flavor of cocoa produced by this renowned chocolate brand was added to surprise this Christmas

The Venezuelan brands Ponche Crema and Chocolates Franceschi came together this Christmas to offer Venezuelans a new flavor of one of the most popular drinks this season.

“An ingenious idea to celebrate Christmas… Franceschi Chocolate Cocoa Cream Punch, a dose of sweetness and celebration that you have to try.

We became addicted to this combination, it is unbeatable”, both brands published on their Instagram accounts.

With this alliance, Ponche Crema renews its drink line with cocoa and maintains this flavor together with its traditional formula and coffee

Ponche Crema is a product devised and developed by the Venezuelan chemist Eliodoro González Poleo in 1900.

Its formula of ingredients is unique in the world and has become a traditional Venezuelan drink at Christmas.

Also, there are many recipes that can be made from this famous drink.

Franceschi Chocolate

franceschi is a company that produces Venezuelan cacao and chocolate of origin created by a family of Corsican descent.

For the quality of its gourmet chocolate bars, made from tree to bar, it has won at least three dozen awards.

Its line of bars is based on elaborations of dark chocolates of origin, which bring together the flavors and aromas of different terroirs in the country.

El Choroní, Canoabo, Ocumare, Sur del Lago, Carenero, Río Caribe, Chuao, Cuyagua, Piaroa, are some of the cocoas used by this company to make their chocolate.

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