Putting milk in a chocolate bar was a Swiss invention

Milk chocolate

The resulting flavor of this mixture, which almost all bars currently have, catapulted this European country as one of the best chocolate producers in the world.

Swiss confectioner and chocolatier entrepreneur Daniel Peter became famous in 1876 for being the first to mix cocoa with milk to make chocolate bars..

This combination not only gave the chocolate a better taste, but also diluted its strong taste, which he had become accustomed to in those days, and reduced the natural astringency that the chocolate produces. cocoa bean.

At the beginning, bar chocolate was just a mixture of ground cocoa nibs with sugar and cocoa butter, and to add milk to it, Peter spent several years experimenting with how to remove the water from it. The humidity of the milk deteriorated the final product.

He was eventually endorsed by Swiss baby food entrepreneur Henri Nestlé, who provided the solution by using condensed milk.

Nestlé produced condensed milk and infant cereals in Switzerland.

The first milk chocolate bar came onto the market in 1876, after seven years of hard work. Today, almost all the chocolate produced in the world is consumed in the form of milk chocolate.

Another Swiss creates the machine to mix milk chocolate

Two years after Peter's discovery, in 1878, the Swiss chocolate manufacturer ROdolphe Lindt he invents the “shell”, a machine that grinds cocoa beans, sugar and powdered milk slowly for hours, obtaining a much finer consistency, which was previously impossible to achieve.

This process consists of successively passing the paste between porcelain discs, which produces a smooth chocolate that melts in the mouth.

This is the consistency that we now take for granted even in the most ordinary chocolates.

The first of these delicious tablets were Swiss

After two successful experiments, Swiss chocolatiers begin to make their milk chocolate bars, occupying spaces in the European market and especially the British one.

However, the company Cadbury, which in its beginnings was only English capital, elaborates its own bars of milk chocolate in 1897.

But it was not until the beginning of the XNUMXth century that they began to be mass-produced.

This English brand brought out its first milk chocolate in 1897.

The Dairy Milk was the name of this bar that came onto the British market in 1905, achieving great success in that country, and surpassing the sales of the English capital chocolate shop. fry and sons, its main competition and creators of the first bar of chocolate worldwide.

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