A drink made with cocoa is awarded in the United States

cocoa water

It is the Cocoa Water from the American food company Blue Stripes Urban Cacao.

Cocoa Water from the US Food Company Blue stripes Urban Cacao was recognized at the Good Housekeeping Awards for the best appetizers or snacks of this year 2023 in the Brilliant Drinks category.

This $2 drink is made from the fruit of the cacao tree, which includes the white pulp (mucilage) that surrounds the beans. It is very moisturizing due to its high electrolyte content, and contains antioxidants.

Dietitians, food scientists, chefs and tasters participated in the choice of this drink, who were responsible for evaluating the ingredients, flavor, nutritional information and suitability of these products in the health food market. 

Blue Stripes Urban Cacao is a company focused on taking advantage of all the parts of the cocoa pod for the preparation of healthy snacks.

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