European tablets made with Venezuelan cocoa receive an award

Venezuelan cocoa

British, French, Italian and Estonian chocolatiers, who participated in the Bean to Bar competition of Europe, the Middle East and Africa 2023 with chocolate bars made with Venezuelan cocoa, received recognition.

The brands Solkiki (Great Britain), Chocolate Tree (Great Britain), 20nord20sud (France), Shouka Chamonix (France), Aruntam (Italy), Aroko (Italy) and Chokokoo (Estonia), which participated in the competition Bean to Bar of Europe, the Middle East and Africa 2023 of the International Chocolate Awards with chocolate bars made with Venezuelan cocoa, shone this year.

In the Natural/Origin Dark Chocolate Bars category, the Italian Aruntam won the silver medal for its Sensory Chocolate 70% cocoa tablet, made with this fruit harvested in Chuao, Aragua, in 2020.

In the Micro-Lot category – Natural/Origin Dark Chocolate Bars, Italian Chocolate of the era He won a gold and two silver medals for his bars made with Venezuelan cocoa.

The gold was obtained by its Italiano-Chuao 70% Aragua tablet; a silver for its European-Chuao 70% Aragua bar; and the other silver for its European-Porcelain 72% Sierra Perijá.

"A true triumph for the work done with passion and for Venezuelan cocoa," this chocolate house wrote in a post on its Instagram account.

Likewise, the British solkiki was awarded silver for its Chocolatemaker bar, made with Chuao cocoa; like the French 20° NORD 20° SOUTH for its Chuao bar vintage 2018.

While the tablet of the Estonian brand chocokoo Villa Franca, made with 77% cocoa Venezuela was recognized with bronze.

In the High Percentage of Natural/Origin Black Chocolate Bars category (85% and more), the tablet Venezuela Porcelana from the British brand was awarded silver Chocolate Tree.

And in the Micro-lot category – Natural/Origin Milk Chocolate Bars, the tablet Milk Chocolate – 50% cocoa – Venezuela from the French brand Shoukâ Chamonix achieved silver.

Bean-to-Bar from Europe, Middle East and Africa

Europe, Middle East and Africa Bean-to-Bar is an International Chocolate Awards competition that focuses on fine, artisan and micro-batch chocolate makers who work directly from cocoa beans to produce chocolate bars. flavored and of natural origin in countries of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The winners of this competition, which was held in Florence, Italy, in March and April 2023, will advance to the world final of the International Chocolate Awards 2023.

The International Chocolate Awards

The International Chocolate Awards are an independent competition that recognizes excellence in the manufacture of bars and products made with fine chocolate, whose objective is to support the companies and chocolatiers that produce them and chocolatiers.

By helping these markets grow and develop, they also seek to support farmers who grow fine cocoa.

The awards were founded in 2012 and are run by a group of independent international partners based in the UK, Italy and the US with years of experience in chocolate tasting and judging and in organizing fine chocolate related events. .

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