Chocolate pudding with chia, the new Montalban

The popular Venezuelan refined sugar brand Montalban added chia seeds to the chocolate pudding in an easy 90-gram mixture that we can prepare at home to experience the flavor of this international dessert.

The chia chocolate pudding or pudding is a famous dessert among vegans around the world, whose texture is similar to that of custard that melts in the mouth with the explosion of these seeds of the plant Sage.

This presentation of pudding with chocolate and chia chips from Montalbán, which is the cooked type that is refrigerated and is the first to be manufactured in the country, is very simple to prepare and here we share the package instructions.

  1. Pour the contents of the package (90g) into a cup and a half of cold milk until it dissolves.
  2. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly, until the mixture begins to boil, wait about 5 seconds and remove from heat.
  3. It is poured into a mold, letting it cool until it sets, then it is refrigerated for 2 hours.

Montalbán is one of the white refined sugar brands with the longest tradition in Venezuela and in recent years it has reinvented itself with the expansion of its product line, producing from calorie-free sweeteners for health care; powdered sugar for culinary preparations to mixtures to make the popular Venezuelan drink papelón with lemon.

On the shelves of supermarkets and health care and wellness stores in the main cities of Venezuela you can get this pudding, which is gluten-free and made with 100% plain cocoa.

The 90-gram presentation, which yields five servings, contains 20% caloric energy, 5% fat, 23% sugar and 42% protein.

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