Stolen machinery recovered from Mis Poemas chocolate factory

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Miranda state security agencies are working to dismantle criminal gangs dedicated to the robbery of cocoa and chocolate companies in Barlovento.

"Today we wake up with excellent news for Amanda and the cocoa and chocolate sector in Venezuela," the people of Viva el Cacao, an organization dedicated to the research and promotion of this fruit and the chocolate.

And it is that together with a video in which a series of machines to make chocolate are observed, Viva el Cacao announced that “after a great effort by the Miranda security organs, the equipment stolen last month has been recovered. past” of Amanda González's chocolate shop, Mis Poemas.

"Thanks to all the team that works so that Amanda can give the world the magic of our Venezuelan cocoas and chocolates," this organization wrote in another of its stories.

Robbery at the Mis Poemas chocolate shop

Last Tuesday, July 19, the Mis Poemas chocolate company and the residence of its owner, the 84-year-old chocolatier Amanda González, were attacked and robbed of valuables.

In a statement published on her social networks, Amanda reported that after subduing one of the workers on her farm, a group of criminals broke and stole all the machinery and tools from her factory to make chocolate.

As well as raw material, including more than 500 kilos of dry and fermented cocoa, and more than 100 kilos of tea ready for order dispatch.

She was also stripped of air conditioners, compressors, motors for all refrigerators, televisions, decoders, computers, printers, a laptop, food and frozen food pantries, appliances and other belongings.

And what they couldn't take, they destroyed, including infrastructure.

Faced with this complaint, which was also made to the Mirandese police authorities, and after several days of investigation, the CICPC announces the arrest of four men for the robbery of the Mis Poemas artisanal chocolate factory, located in Barlovento.

These people were identified as Anthony Josué Ponce Berrotera, 23 years old; Omar Guillermo Machado Cubillan, active officer of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB), and 27 years old; Orlando José Ávila Ramos, 43, and a 17-year-old, who, together with Alberto José Oviedo Benítez, alias Chorrito, alias Gordo Mi Pri and Renesito Junior, have yet to be fully identified and arrested; companies in the Agua Clara sector, Andrés Bello municipality, Miranda state, were whipped.

My Chocolate Poems

Amanda González de García is a chocolate entrepreneur from Caracas who decided, 50 years ago, to buy a small farm with her husband in the Andrés Bello municipality, in Barlovento, attracted by the cocoa from these lands, famous for its quality and resistance.

But it is 30 years later that he founded his own chocolate factory with his family, which he called Mis Poemas, and which has already been producing premium quality cocoa-derived foods such as chocolate bars, baking powder, and tea, which are available for 22 years. in supermarkets.

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