Russians will taste chocolates from six Venezuelan cocoa origins

Venezuelan cocoa

The tasting, which will take place online, will be led by the Russian Andrey Jachaturyan, an expert in cocoa and bean-to-bar chocolate and author of the chocolate bars.

The Russian Andrey Khachaturyan, an expert in cocoa and bean to bar chocolate, brought out a box of six chocolate bars made with cocoa from six different origins in the country to taste in an online tasting in Russia.

"The collectible chocolate tasting game is ready!", wrote the also founder of Fresh Cacao on his Instagram account after several weeks in Venezuela visiting cocoa farms to learn about their cocoa varieties and harvest and drying processes.

“This collection was born from my trips to the plantations in Venezuela. I tried a lot of samples, but only the most interesting, bright and unique ones turned into chocolate. And the best of the best chocolates had the honor of entering this set,” Andrey added.

This collectible has six varieties of cacao: Porcelana (Sur del Lago), Isla Margarita (Margarita Island), Patanemo (Patanemo, Hacienda Mantuano), Ocumare (Ocumare, Hacienda Las Bromelias), Choroní (Choroní, Hacienda La Sabaneta) and Fleur de Jungle (Amazon).

The cocoa percentage of these dark chocolate bars is 75% and they come in a presentation to taste in a tasting that will be led by the Russian expert online.

Andrey's journey within Venezuela began in Margarita and from that island he went to other destinations in the country to learn about cocoa from different regions.

In his Instagram account, he shows with videos and images his passage through the town of Choroní and the La Sabaneta farm and the town of Chuao.

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