Taste the best Venezuelan cacao in these three chocolate shops


In these chocolate houses you can enjoy a variety of chocolates and chocolate bars made with cocoa from different regions of the country.

The taste of the best cocoa in the country turned into chocolates or chocolate bars can be enjoyed in at least three chocolatiers in Venezuela.

Cakawa, 20/20 and Cacao de Origen are some of the chocolate houses in Venezuela that offer on their menus chocolates and chocolate bars made by themselves with cocoa beans from different regions of Venezuela.


Cakawa is a Venezuelan chocolatier that researches, produces and markets Venezuelan fine aroma cocoa.

His first collection of chocolate bars, currently out of print, was launched in 2019 and consisted of four types: one made with cocoa grown in Patanemo Bay, Carabobo state; another with grains from the Paria Peninsula, in Sucre; another with cocoa from Barlovento, Miranda state; and another with grains from Sur del Lago.

This 2022, it launched at least two more collections of chocolate bars from different origins, such as Barinas en Dos Estaciones and Chocolate en Dos Coordenadas, made with cocoa from three farms in the country, one in Barinas, another in Sur del Lago and another in Windward.

And the 4 Origins, 4 Chocolates, in which it offers the flavor and aroma of four varieties of cocoa produced in the states of Monagas, Miranda, Carabobo and Barinas.

Their physical store is located in Caracas and, in addition to tablets, they offer chocolates filled with Creole ingredients, sprinkles, energy bars and cookies.


This chocolate house from the state of Carabobo makes bean to bar chocolate with the fruits of the cocoa tree obtained from different plantations of this entity, from Patanemo to Canoabo, and from other regions of the country such as Chuao and Yaracuy.

Later this year, this chocolatier launched a collection of three dark chocolate bars made with cacao produced by the Piaroa community in the Venezuelan Amazon.

The dark chocolate tablet 72% cocoa Piaroa; the dark chocolate 72% cocoa Piaroa intervened with “Dots” of white chocolate with lemon; and the white chocolate with passion fruit intervened with "Dots" of dark chocolate 72% Piaroa cocoa.

Chocolates 20/20 is one of the four members of the alliance @caraboboescacao, a platform that seeks to position the Carabobo state as a region where quality cocoa is harvested and chocolate bars are made with excellence and creativity.

Their bars can be found in the cultural center Cacao Cultura in Valencia.

Origin Cocoa

Cacao de Origen is a bean to bar chocolate shop where the cocoa culture of Venezuela is also investigated, reflected on and preserved.

His latest collection of chocolate bars was a collaboration with five other Venezuelan brands.

Cacao de Origen teamed up with Sublime 9, Herencia Divina, Urbano, Maruma and Miele's Home Made in the development of a case with six dark chocolate bars made with cocoa from different regions of the country.

Sublime 9 made its tablet with cocoa from La Guaira, La Guaira; Maruma with cocoa from Tucaní, Mérida; Urbano with cocoa from La Guáquira, Yaracuy; Divine Heritage with cocoa from Macuro, Sucre; Miele's Home Made with cocoa from Choroní, Aragua; and Original Cocoa with cocoa from San Cayetano, Carabobo.

This chocolate house also has chocolate bars made with cocoa from Chuao, San Cayetano and Carúpano.

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