They bring out an ice cream made with all the parts of the cocoa almond

cocoa ice cream

The flavor of mucilage stands out in this new frozen ball devised by the American artisan ice cream parlor Salt & Straw and the Blue Stripes cocoa products company.

Salt & Straw artisan ice cream partnered with cocoa products company Blue Stripes Urban to offer this summer frozen balls made with all parts of the cocoa kernel, without wasting anything, as part of its “recycled food” menu.

“Our new limited-edition flavor elevates super-delicate, sweet cocoa pulp (think if a passion fruit and banana had a baby) with a signature chocolate stracciatella,” the Portland-based ice cream parlor posted. Oregon, on his Instagram account.

And it is that thanks to Blue Stripes Urban Cacao, a company focused on taking advantage of all the parts of the cocoa pod, this ice cream parlor was able to obtain from the mucilage to the butter of the seed to make this delicious combination of flavors: a ice cream cocoa mucilage and chocolate stracciatella.

"Recycled by the folks at Blue Stripes Cacao, we use all parts of the cocoa bean to create a perfectly delicious ice cream," the Salt & Straw ice cream parlor said on its Instagram account.

Likewise, in a note for the media, to publicize its new menu “recycled food”, Salt & Straw ice cream shop notes that Blue Stripes Cacao Company is super excited to partner on one of their innovative flavors.

“Our mission is to shed light on food waste and create real change by recycling 100% of the cocoa pod: SHELL + FRUIT + ALMOND. Being able to tell our story and the story of upcycling through ice cream is a unique opportunity for us, and we look forward to educating many new fans across the country."

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