Sander chocolatier relaunches his tablet with bacon

chocolate with bacon

This flavor is part of its line of 70% cocoa bars that this chocolate house unveiled at the beginning of the year.

The Venezuelan chocolate house Sander relaunched for these holidays its delicious 70% cocoa chocolate bar with bacon.

“A unique experience that you cannot miss! Let yourself be carried away by this incredible and tempting combination”, published this chocolate shop of Dutch origin on its Instagram account.

And it is that this flavor is part of its line of bars 70% cocoa that made this chocolate house known at the beginning of the year.

“Immerse yourself in the perfect balance of sweet and salty as rich chocolate melds with the irresistible smokiness of bacon,” Sander said.

chocolate with bacon

El chocolate with bacon It is a combination that has already been experienced by various artisan chocolatiers around the world.

The English brand of chocolate Vosges is considered one of the first to experience this delicious mix.

Its Mo's Bacon Bar, Britain's best-selling bar, contains bits of smoked bacon mixed with milk chocolate.

In Mexico, chef Ana Martorell became famous for her collection of salty-flavored chocolate bars, she also added chocolate to bacon.

Like the American chocolate company Chuao chocolatier, which has a chocolate bar with bacon on its production line.

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