St. Moritz celebrates 34 years with many ways to eat chocolate

St. Moritz

This Venezuelan chocolate factory released its first panettone with white chocolate in December and months ago its first chocolate spread.

The Venezuelan chocolate factory St. Moritz celebrates its 28th anniversary on February 34 in the Venezuelan chocolate market with a long list of products made with the best chocolate in our country.

In these more than three decades, this company went from producing only chocolates and chocolate figures that it only sold in its St. Moritz chocolate stores, to producing more than a dozen brands that are distributed throughout the country, and among which Its famous crunchy waffle filled with hazelnut cream and covered with a layer of Flaquito chocolate stands out.

Dunga, Astro Lates, Passion Noir, Choco Latte, Chocolate Dragees, Sugar Free Chocolates, Choco Zoo, A La Taza, Froggie, Pastries, Barki Lates, Stadium, All Purpose, Barkilates, Heart Foil Chocolates and Chocoblanc are other well-known brands made by this Venezuelan chocolatier.

The quality of St. Moritz is recognized

In August 2022, 39 products of different brands from the St. Moritz company received the NORVEN certification, which is the highest quality hallmark in the country granted by the National Autonomous Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer).

"It took us years of work to reach these levels of quality in terms of production, but we are pleased to be able to level up with other companies that have received this distinction," said the president of St. Moritz, Howard Epelbaum, during the award ceremony. this seal made in Caracas, along with other companies in the rum and coffee sector.

Doesn't stop innovating

Likewise, as well as continuing to work for the quality of its brands and products, St. Moritz is a company that does not stop innovating, and in recent months it has demonstrated this with at least two new products: its chocolate cream with hazelnuts and his panettone with white chocolate that he launched at Christmas.

In October 2022, St Moritz launched this chocolate hazelnut spread that can be spread, eaten by the spoonful or used for pastries and, at the beginning of December, launched a delicious panettone with white chocolate that adds its other two chocolate and chocolate with orange that they make to celebrate Christmas.

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