St. Moritz put a crunchy cookie in its white chocolate

White chocolate

This Venezuelan chocolate house launched in 2023 a crunchy presentation of its Chocoblanc white chocolate tablet.

The Venezuelan chocolate house St. Moritz began this 2023 with a new product: a variety of its Chocoblanc white chocolate, Cookies and Cream.

"Chocolate addicts, have you tried the rich crunch of Chocoblanc Cookies & Cream yet?" the brand wrote on its Twitter social network account along with the image of the new presentation of this white chocolate tablet.

In the responses of its chocoaddicts, most have confessed that they have not tried it, because this new presentation has just been released.

Chocolate St Moritz

Chocolate St. Moritz is a chocolate company that has been in the Venezuelan market for more than 30 years.

In the beginning, they only produced chocolates and chocolate figures that they only sold in their St. Moritz chocolate shops, but little by little they were introduced to the industrial mass market.

Among its most famous products, made with the best cocoa from Barlovento, its line of chocolates, Flaquito, Chocoblanc, AstroLates, Choco Zoo, dried nuts covered in chocolate and Sugar Free chocolate bars stand out.

They are also known for their confectionery line, such as their confectionery chocolate, confectionery coating, confectionery sprinkles drops and chocolate rain.

A total of 39 products made by St. Moritz have the NORVEN brand certification, the highest quality mark in the country awarded by the National Autonomous Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer).

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