St. Moritz brought out a chocolate hazelnut spread

St. Moritz

This Venezuelan chocolate brand added a cream to its product line that you can enjoy spread, alone or in pastries.

The Venezuelan brand of chocolate products St Moritz brought out a chocolate spread with hazelnuts that you can spread with whatever you want, eat by the spoonful or use for baking.

“Chocoadict, have you tried our NEW Hazelnut Spread? The new way to enjoy the delicious taste of our chocolate.

Enjoy it however you want: on its own, with your favorite cookie and even to decorate your recipes”, St. Moritz published on its Instagram account to promote this new product that it launched on its networks a few days ago.

And with it, offer its fans another way to eat the chocolate made by St. Moritz.

Chocolate St Moritz

Chocolate St. Moritz is a chocolate company that has been in the Venezuelan market for more than 30 years.

In the beginning, they only produced chocolates and chocolate figures that they only sold in their St. Moritz chocolate shops, but little by little they were introduced to the industrial mass market.

Among its most famous products, made with the best Barlovento cocoa, stand out its line of chocolates, Flaquito, AstroLates, Choco Zoo, Chocolate-covered dried Futos and Sugar Free chocolate bars.

They are also known for their confectionery line, such as their confectionery chocolate, confectionery coating, confectionery sprinkles drops and chocolate rain.

A total of 39 products made by St. Moritz have the NORVEN brand certification, the highest quality mark in the country awarded by the National Autonomous Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer).

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