Chocolate bars with cheese?

chocolate with cheese

This is one of the rarest and most delicious combinations. Its main producers are Spanish artisan chocolate shops, although in Venezuela a brand carries this flavor.

Tablet chocolate with cheese it is not easy to find. They are only made by artisan chocolate houses, and their production is very limited due to the delicate nature of this combination.

In Venezuela, Chocolates Mantuano, in an alliance with chocolate taster Gabriel Balbás, has released some limited editions of chocolate bars with mature goat cheese and walnuts.

In mid-2020, it launched 50 bars of this combination for the first time, in which the strong and salty flavor of the cheese is felt without overshadowing the natural sweetness of the chocolate bar made with 63% cocoa from the Sur del Lago.

And this 2022, in a new packaging, he brought out this combination again with pieces of goat cheese matured for 53 days, from Chivata, on a 63% cocoa chocolate bar.

Chocolate bars with cheese made in Spain

In Spain, at least three artisan chocolate houses offer this delicious and exclusive combination.

Grandma Ili Chocolates, whose factory is in Andalusia, offers on its shelves a bar of white chocolate with goat cheese that qualifies as one of the rarest flavors of its production.

This chocolate house makes artisanal chocolates without any type of industrial process, using as far as possible products from the Alpujarra area of ​​Granada.

chocolate It is another Spanish artisanal chocolate factory that has black chocolate bars with cheese in its production line.

Its dark chocolate bar from Ecuador, Ivory Coast and Sao Tomé-and-Principe, with Zamorano cheese, arises from the collaboration with the La Antigua Cheese Factory of Fuentesauco, Zamora, Spain.

Jabada Abbey is another artisanal Spanish chocolate house, with an ecological concept, that adds cheese to its Lobetanni chocolate bar brand with an additional ingredient, caramel.

The Lobetanni bar of dark chocolate with cheese.

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