Talokohc adds two new flavors to its line of tablets


This month it launched the dark chocolate bar with candied orange pieces and the milk chocolate with caramel macchiato.

The bean to bar chocolate house Talokohc released two new flavors this month that are added to its line of chocolate bars: the dark one with pieces of candied orange and the milk one with caramel macchiato.

“After almost 3 years we decided that the time has come to surprise them with new flavors and new presentations. As always, we have listened to them and, after months, the time has come to present our new products to them, ”the Venezuelan chocolatier published on her Instagram account.

The Choco Naranja tablet is 75% cocoa with small pieces of candied orange. "It is perfect to accompany with a rum, a cigar, or simply alone," says the Venezuelan chocolate company.

While the Caramel Macchiato tablet is a milk chocolate with 40% cocoa, coffee pieces and crunchy caramel. “We present to you our first milk chocolate bar,” Talokohc posted on Instagram.


Talokohc, the name of this Venezuelan bean to bar chocolate house that when read from right to left says Chokolat, is a venture by Venezuelan chocolatier Pedro Rojas, who has been in the Venezuelan market for four years.

This brand already has several elaborations with chocolate, among which the line of tablets stands out Healthy, made for people who take care of their health; the one with sugar, where the dark chocolate bars with coffee, sea salt, caramel and salt stand out; as well as their delicious Happy Bites, which are crunchies covered in milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

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