The Venezuela bar from Chocolates Pérez is made from cocoa from Sur del Lago

Perez Chocolates

This Spanish chocolate house, with more than 100 years of tradition, is famous for its artisanal process and its colorful wrappers that have adapted over time.

In one of the most important chocolate houses in Spain due to its tradition, Perez Chocolates, could not miss a bar of dark chocolate made with pure Venezuelan cocoa, the 90% Cocoa Venezuela.

This 125 gram tablet, which unfortunately is already out of stock, is made from cocoa produced in Sur del Lago, one of the most famous cocoa plantations in the country for its Creole varieties Porcelana, Mérida and Guasare.

The dark chocolate bar 90% Cacao Venezuela is part of a new collection bean to bar of this chocolate shop that became famous in the municipality of Villajoyosa, Valencian Community in the province of Alicante, Spain, for its chocolate bars for cups.

Cocoa from Colombia and Ecuador is also part of this collection in two exclusive tablets.

Perez Chocolates

This family chocolate shop, founded in 1892 by Gaspar Pérez Pérez in Villajoyosa, has endured over time thanks to the effort and perseverance of his descendants.

Of some 30 chocolate factories that existed at the end of the XNUMXth century in this Spanish town, only Chocolates Pérez and two others have lasted over time.

And it is that in addition to its flavor, its colorful wrappers that have been transformed over time and its famous albums collectibles of different themes have made Chocolates Pérez one of the most famous chocolate shops in its city.

In one of the scenes of the film Pain and Glory by the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, there is a scene in which a mother (Penélope Cruz) gives her son a bar of chocolate in a cup of Chocolates Pérez for a snack, in which he finds two cards for movie actor albums.

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