The best chocolatiers in Europe use Venezuelan cocoa


The founders of the artisanal chocolate brand Monper, in Cantabria, Spain, won the Best European Artisan Chocolatier of the Year 2022 award for their assorted anchovy, merengada, curry and mojito bars made with Venezuelan cocoa.

The Cantabrian spouses Marián Montero and Borja Pérez, founding chocolatiers of the Monper artisan chocolate house, and winners of the Best European Artisan Chocolatier of the year 2022 award, make their bars with one of the best cocoa in the world, that of Venezuela.

Its famous award-winning tablets in 2019 at the International Chocolate Award with anchovy, meringue, curry and mojito are all made with cocoa exclusively Creole produced in South American countries, especially Venezuela, South of the Lake.

The best chocolatiers in Europe are in Cantabria

This year, the chocolatiers Marián Montero and Borja Pérez won the Best European Artisan Chocolatier award, a distinction from the AURUM awards granted by the European Council of Enogastronomical Guilds.

This award, which will be given to them in October in France, is in recognition of their contribution to European gastronomy and their career.

Monper, a company located in Reocín, Cantabria, started producing high-quality gourmet chocolates in 2016.

It is a craft factory that has stood out for its exotic combinations, which number about 14 on the market.

In addition to its award-winning flavored bars, this chocolate house makes chocolate bars with 72% cocoa content, white chocolate bars and milk chocolate bars.

It also has other natural flavors that are very popular, such as chocolate bars with coffee with milk, with hot chocolate, with cheesecake, with strawberry, with capri, with orange and with creme brülee.

As well as other products made with cocoa such as cocoa in dust and chocolate sprinkles.

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