The most famous mousses in Paris have Venezuelan cocoa

Chocolate Mousse

The French chocolate house Chapon makes two chocolate mousses with a flavor of our country: Chuao and Venezuela.

Chocolate mousse is one of the French favorite desserts, and the French bean to bar chocolate shop Chapon offers its diners unique flavors of origin, where the taste of Venezuela is one of its protagonists.

“The concept was born in 2010 at the chocolate fair. It is based on traditional mousse recipes designed from different cocoa origins that we make ourselves. 5 recipes are offered: Venezuela, Peru, Tanzania and Ecuador, some are made with almond milk”, explains the chocolate house in a post on its Instagram account.

In a famous bar that this chocolate shop installed in its Monoprix store 52 Champs-Élysées, in Paris, Chuao chocolate mousses parade daily, made exclusively with Chuao cocoa, the only one with a certificate of origin in the country; and another Venezuela, made with 100% Río Caribe cocoa and almond milk.

Chapon Chocolate

the french chocolatier Capon, run by the French chocolatier Patrice Chapu, and with more than six stores located in Paris and other French cities, makes its famous chocolate bars bean to bar and chocolate mousses with the best seeds of cacao Venezuelan produced in various cocoa areas of our country.

In his line of chocolate bars made using the seed-to-bar method, Chapon works with a variety of cocoa beans obtained in different parts of the world, but the ones most in demand by his clientele are those made with Venezuelan beans from Río Caribe, Chuao, Guasare and Porcelain.

Patrice Chapon, who was certified in 2019 as one of the 25 best chocolatiers in the world by the Salon del Chocolate, works the cocoa beans himself, from grading to roasting, and travels the world in search of the best cocoa beans. .

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