Mozart filled her panettone with pure chocolate

Chocolate Panettone

This famous Caracas pastry shop prepared for this December season the popular Italian sweet with creamy chocolate.

La pasteleria Mozart He prepared a delicious panettone filled with chocolate to share at the Christmas table of the people of Caracas.

"December has arrived, all year long waiting for you," this famous pastry shop from Caracas published in an Instagram post along with a video showing this delicious panettone filled and covered with pure chocolate.

La Mozart is a Caracas pastry shop that became famous for its stuffed profiteroles cake covered in chocolate made with Venezuelan cocoa, a unique recipe in the world devised by its founder, a Greek pastry chef.

The traditional sweet proposals of European confectionery have also been well accepted by the Caracas public since the inauguration of its first store in the Concresa Shopping Center in the seventies.

Dobus, Maskota, Greek Millefeuille, Greek Delight, Millefeuille, Strawberry Shortcake, Almond Delight, Triple parade through its windows daily. Nougatina, Tiramisu, Opera, among other delights.

The fine chocolates, which are made using French and Belgian techniques, white chocolate truffles with caramel, milk chocolate and chocolate ganache, are other delicacies.

Its other store, located in the Ciudad Tamanaco Shopping Center, opened in 1998, and is also still open like the one at Concresa.

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