El Rey, a pioneer in original chocolate, is celebrating its anniversary

Chocolates The King

This Venezuelan company, founded in 1929, introduced into the country the production of tree to bar chocolate tablets with different percentages of cocoa.

The Venezuelan factory Chocolates El Rey, one of the first chocolatiers in the country and the world to introduce the production of tree-to-bar chocolate tablets, turns 94.

"At Chocolates El Rey, our love for quality Venezuelan cocoa led us to be one of the first to make chocolate from the tree to the bar, with an industrial operation and advanced technology, but with an artisan, authentic spirit. , attending to the small details, with respect for the raw material and working hand in hand with the cocoa producers”, this chocolate company published on its Instagram account on the occasion of its anniversary week.

“In addition, we have stood out for being pioneers in Venezuela in the manufacture of chocolates with different cocoa contents, as well as the first Latin American company to declare the percentage of cocoa in its products. From Icoa White Chocolate, with 34% Cocoa to Apamate Dark Chocolate 73,5% Cocoa," says the company.

And he adds that El Rey “was also the first company in Venezuela to communicate the origin of cocoa as a marketing strategy. In this way, cocoa from different regions of the country stands out”.

Chocolates The King

Chocolates El Rey, which was founded in 1929 under the name Tuozzo Zozaya y Cía Venezuela, stood out since its inception for the production of its fine chocolate called El Rey. So, 44 ​​years later, after the Redmond family became associated with the company, it was renamed Chocolates El Rey, with various changes taking place to date.

In 1974 the first transformation of the company began by improving the process technology and increasing the export of products derived from cocoa such as liquor, butter and cocoa powder.

And 21 years later, it puts into operation its new and modern Chocolates El Rey plant in Barquisimeto, Lara state, in which it implements "La Ruta del Cacao" to show chocolatier chefs and culinary reporters from the United States and Europe everything about Venezuelan cocoa. and the technology of the chocolate process.

This route, which covered cocoa plantations in different regions of the country, lasted a week and culminated in the El Rey cocoa processing plant in Barquisimeto.

Food journalist Miro Popic recalls in his book Comer en Venezuela an anecdote of these routes with the American writer Florence Braker, who fulfilled his wish to bathe in pure chocolate.

Of the best 50 in the world

In 1999, this chocolate company ventured into the Venezuelan mass consumption market with a new confectionery line and twelve years later, in 2011, it appeared. in the list of "The Best 50 Chocolates in the World" of the guide to good living TheFiftyBest.com.

In that same year, he launched the First Edition of San Joaquín Dark Chocolate Private Reserve, 70% Cacao.

In 2012 Chocolates El Rey was awarded the gold medal for its Icoa Carenero Superior white chocolate at the International Chocolate Awards, and in 2013 began a process to standardize the image of all its products within a new pattern of design and colors.

In 2014, Chocolates El Rey celebrates 85 years of uninterrupted industrial life and to celebrate it launches 56% cocoa Milk Chocolate. The packaging is a modernized replica of the first packaging used in the company in 1929.

Products of Chocolates El Rey

Chocolates El Rey produces a wide variety of products made with cocoa; from chocolate bars for mass consumption to beverages and pastry tablets. It also stands out for being a provider of the best pastry shops, chocolate shops and ice cream parlors in the country such as La Mozart, La Praline and Fragolates.

The granulated instant mix of Taco chocolate flavor, with many years of tradition in the country, is made by Chocolates El Rey.

Regarding your consumer chocolate bars massive Its sugar-free lines, the natural criollo, the premium Río Caribe and Carenero Superior stand out.

Respecto a confectionery, produces chocolate bars made with Carenero Superior cocoa, Río Caribe and also has the line without sugar and natural criollo. and about his work? Specials include the San Joaquín Reserva Privada, Sur del Lago, Chocolate 56% and Criollo Centenario.

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