The flavor of Barlovento arrives in France with Pralus chocolates

Pralus Venezuela Chocolate

This dark chocolate bar called Venezuela is made with 75% Trinitario cocoa from the Barlovento area, whose powerful aroma of toasted butter and the bittersweet taste of licorice make it unique.

The French chocolate house Pralus has in its wide line of Venezuelan Single Origin dark chocolate bars.

Made with 75% Trinitario cocoa from the Barlovento cocoa zone, Miranda state, this 100-gram bar exudes a powerful aroma of toasted butter, flowers, and a particular flavor of licorice.

Barlovento is a region of small towns and cocoa cooperatives. Most of the trees cacao in this area are Trinidadians, famous for the sweetness and floral aroma of their fruit.

The port of Carenero, where cocoa was traded directly with Europe at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, gave the cocoa from this region its name.

Barlovento is crossed by the Tuy River which, during the rainy season, floods the cocoa plantations. The Trinitario cocoa that is grown can be fermented (Carenero Superior) or not (Carenero Natural).

Pralus Chuao Tablet

This French chocolate house also has in its line of Single Origin dark chocolate bars, two made with Criollo de Chuao cocoa.

The first is a 100-gram dark bar, 30% more expensive than the rest of the line; It has a value of 9,50 euros, and whose cocoa is cataloged by this house as a rare product, because very little is obtained.

This chocolate bar, which Pralus highlights to make with the best cocoa in the world, maintains a balance between bitterness and acidity, woody and full-bodied.

The Criollo Chuao chocolate bar from the Pralus Single Origin collection.

The second is a bar 100% more expensive than the rest. The 50 grams has a value of 6,30 euros; and in terms of its flavor and aroma, it maintains a good balance between bitterness and acidity with full-bodied woody tones.

chocolate from wow, produced in the coastal town of Chuao, in the state of Aragua, has a Denomination of Origin; certificate that distinguishes it from other cocoas for its flavor, aroma and quality that its unique terroir gives it, its traditional cultivation and drying.

The Pralus Single Origin line

In the line of Pralus Single Origin dark chocolate bars, you can find elaborations made with cocoa from Nicaragua, Colombia, Trinidad, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Ghana, Brazil, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Indonesia, Trinidad, Ecuador.

All single origin chocolates from the Pralus house have the same percentage of cocoa, 75%, sugar and cocoa butter.

The particular flavor that gives each of these tablets is the different origin of the cocoa with which they are made.

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