Toddy got out his pudding ready to eat

toddy pudding

The flavor of Toddy, the chocolate drink famous among Venezuelans, will also be present at family snacks with a ready-to-go dessert.

One of the most traditional chocolate drinks in Venezuela, Toddy, launched a pudding with its unique flavor, in a presentation of 125 grams of long duration directly to the palate.

"We feel proud and very happy to be able to continue offering our consumers differentiating products with the quality and unique flavor of Toddy”, expressed Mauricio Ayestarán, brand manager.

Toddy has reinvented itself in recent years with new products such as chocolate chip cookies and ice cream that carries its traditional flavor.

"With this innovation, the brand maintains its connection and builds palates in adults and children, as well as different options to enjoy the most traditional and preferred chocolate brand in the market," he added.

Pudding for ToddyLovers

Toddy's pudding promotional campaign "Happiness by the spoonful" can be found on social networks and points of sale.

In the marketing world, Toddy is categorized as a love mark, which is a brand that has managed to connect with its consumers beyond the product itself for more than 80 years.

"The brand enjoys the preference of Venezuelan households, and this launch is a beautiful way to repay all ToddyLovers for their unconditional love, offering a new way to consume Toddy's unique flavor," said Mauricio Ayestarán, Toddy Brand Manager. .

The brand invites all Venezuelans to try Toddy Pudín's Spoonful Happiness, which will be available throughout the country.

This new product, which is free of preservatives and does not require refrigeration, contains vitamins A, B and D.

For more information about the launch, visit the @Toddyvzla brand networks on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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