Trapiche Cacao brought out a special edition tablet with pepper

Cocoa Trapiche

This artisan chocolate house from Tachira makes chocolate bars with cocoa that it produces on its own farm.

The Trapiche Cacao brand of chocolate from Tachira brought out a special edition tablet with pepper to delight lovers of this food made in an artisanal way with natural ingredients.

The special edition tablet of Trapiche Cacao with pepper.

This 70-gram tablet has 70% cocoa content and is added to another special edition of 70% cocoa chocolate sweetened with panela, made especially for a wine tasting.

Trapiche Cacao Tablets

Trapiche Chocolate has a small collection of five chocolate bars, Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa), Milk Chocolate (40% cocoa), Rael Chocolate (with peanuts), Chocolate Liquor (which is 100% cocoa), and Chocolate for Mug (70% cocoa).

This family chocolate company also produces cocoa powder to make hot chocolate to drink and confectionery, chocolates, chocolate creams, cocoa butter, and drinks such as chocolate-flavored cream punch.

Cocoa Mill

Trapiche Cacao is a family chocolate company that was born in the midst of coincidences and the benefits of Creole cocoa that is produced at Hacienda Rael, which it owns, in the state of Táchira, Venezuela.

This chocolate factory began with two mills for the production of cocoa liquor, then another finer grinding mill was added and at the end of 2017 a refiner was added.

Trapiche Cacao's chocolate, an enterprise known as Tree to Bar, which in its Spanish translation means from the tree to the seed, stands out for its deep cocoa aroma and delicious flavor with certain fruity notes.

The color of the final tablets has a lot to do with the area where the plantation is located, with most of its chocolates presenting different shades of brown.

The chocolate is made in a workshop located in the center of San Cristóbal, right next to the family restaurant called El Trapiche, the second oldest in the capital of Tachira and whose name inspired the chocolate brand.

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