Venezuelans in Japan make chocolate with only Venezuelan cocoa

cocoa zoku

Cacao Zoku is a Japanese artisan brand of chocolates and chocolate bars based in Tokyo created by Venezuelan chocolatiers who work only with fine aroma cocoa from different farms in Venezuela.

In Japan, Venezuelan chocolatiers make chocolates, bars and hot chocolate to drink exclusively with Venezuelan cocoa under the artisanal brand Caco Zoku.

In their own store located in Tokyo, open to the public since the end of 2020, they offer the public a variety of products made with chocolate and other natural ingredients that exalt the flavors of one of the best cocoas in the world.

Chocolates filled with tropical fruits such as passion fruit, orange, coconut and pineapple, other more popular ones such as strawberry and raspberry, and other more exotic ones that are difficult to find in Venezuela such as black currant, of European origin and from the North Asia, and the lychee, originally from China, give the best flavor complement to Venezuelan cocoa.

They also make chocolate bars with various flavors, some well-known such as blueberry, tangerine, pineapple and orange, others typical of Japan such as yuzu, which is a citrus fruit that grows in Asia similar to orange and is confused in flavor with grapefruit.

They also offer pistachio, passion fruit, macadamia, mango, and fig bars, as well as only cocoa bars, those without sugar, and those made with spices such as Timut pepper, Togarashi, Wasabi, and Chai tea.

As for the types of cocoa used for their preparations, Chuao, Guasare and Yaracuy stand out.

Among its other products, its milk chocolates stand out, especially camel milk.

cocoa zoku

Cacao Zoku stands out from the rest of the bean to bar chocolate shops in the world for only making chocolate bars with cocoa beans from a single country, Venezuela.

With its chocolate, which is handcrafted in the workshop of the store located in the Japanese capital, this brand seeks to discover the flavors of Venezuelan cocoa beans.

At the International Chocolate Awards, Cacao Zoku won bronze for its Timut pepper chocolate bar made with Chuao cocoa, an award that gives this bar and its brand international prestige.

The bar with Timut 70% cocoa pepper from Chuao that won at the International Chocolate Awards.

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