Venezuelan blend cocoa arrives in Europe through Amsterdam


Like almost 400 years ago, the capital of the Netherlands is once again the center for the marketing of Venezuelan cocoa in Europe with the company Gaia.

The varieties of Venezuelan cocoa Sur del Lago, Gibraltar, Porcelana and Cuyagua reach the most exclusive chocolate shops in Europe from the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, through the Gaia cocoa trading company.

“Did you know that we also sell large amounts of Sur de Lago cocoa? A blend from the states of Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo with soft notes of chocolate, walnuts, malt and wood”, the company refers on its Instagram account, in addition to informing that it also markets the Gibraltar varieties, which stand out for their aroma and flavor of banana and candy cookies; Porcelain, which is characterized by its aroma and flavor of caramel and nuts; and Cuyagua, which enchants for its aroma and flavor of almonds, hazelnuts and cherry jam.

Cacaos Caracas, a producer and marketer of the Ocumare, Cuyagua, Sur del Lago, Porcelana and Carenero Superior cocoa varieties, is one of Gaia's partners.

Just as it is KKAO Royal, cocoa processor that, through Gaia, brings to Europe natural cocoa butter, cocoa mass and cocoa powder (alkalized and premium) made in Venezuela.

Gaia Cocoa

Gaia Cacao is a special cocoa marketing company founded in 2019 with the purpose of facilitating the supply chain between cocoa farmers and chocolate shops and guaranteeing its traceability.

"We support entrepreneurship between farmers and exporters who grow specialty cocoa and help them find new markets to grow their business," says the company in its portal web, in addition to pointing out that its objective is to directly connect farmers with buyers to maintain a short and transparent supply chain.

Gaia also works with cocoa farmers in Ecuador, Sierra Leone and Guatemala.

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