Visit a cocoa farm, the best plan for Carnival

cocoa farms

The San Cayetano and Luna Clara cocoa farms, located in the state of Carabobo, Venezuela, have prepared a series of activities around cocoa production during this long holiday weekend.

In these carnivals, haciendas of cocoa can be an option for those looking to spend a different day and discover how the raw material to make the best chocolates in the world is produced in our country.

San Cayetano Farm

La San Cayetano Farm, located in the central region of the country, in the Valles Altos of Carabobo state, in the town of Canoabo, Bejuma municipality of Carabobo state, behind the Don Viviano Vargas School, will keep its doors open to the public from Saturday, February 26 until on Tuesday March 01.

From 09:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, at the San Cayetano farm you can take guided tours for a value of 3 dollars per person, eat delicious dishes in its restaurant and take the best craft chocolates from your store.

Luna Clara Farm

Hacienda Luna Clara, located in the Mantuano hamlet, in the Goaigoaza parish, Puerto Cabello, will open its doors next Sunday, February 27. It is estimated that two tours will take place, one at 11 in the morning and another at 3:00 in the afternoon, depending on the number of reservations.

The groups have a maximum of 28 people and the departures to the hacienda are made from the Sunflower Hotel, in Puerto Cabello.

This hacienda, considered the only cocoa theme park in the country, offers an interactive tour for this day with the animation of the theater group @rootsescenicas, a guided sensory tasting of chocolate and liquor for adults, and other special tasting of only chocolate for children for a value of 5 dollars.

About the tour, its organizers explain that there are ten stations where the entire post-harvest process of cocoa is shown with a play, made up of nine actors and a drum music group.

Each station has an activity and at the end there is a blind tasting with the background sound of drums and violins.

That day you will also find special prices on its select line of 20/20 chocolates, cocoa and crafts.

You can reserve the ticket through the number 04124580028 and the Instagram account @cacaolaexperience.

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