White chocolate is not chocolate and here we tell you why

White chocolate

There is only one reason why the so-called white chocolate does not exist, and it is as simple as because it does not contain the main ingredient to make chocolate, which is cocoa liquor, and that is the reason why this candy has very little or no chocolate flavor.

First made in the XNUMXs (XNUMXth century) in Switzerland, so-called white chocolate is simply a mixture of purified, usually deodorized, cocoa butter with milk solids and sugar.

The seed of the fruit of the cacao plant, which is the ingredient that gives chocolate its dark color and natural flavor, is not in it.

Cocoa butter, a by-product of the cocoa bean that the Dutch chocolatier Conrad van Houten managed to extract with a screw press he invented in the mid-XNUMXth century to make powdered chocolate less heavy, is the ingredient that has been used since 1847 to make the chocolate bar we know today.

However, this butter is not used to give that bitter taste and natural color of chocolate that the seed itself gives it, but to obtain a less earthy, smooth and better tasting mixture.

Galak, the only white chocolate

Although the first Galak commercials in Venezuela that can be found on social networks date back to the 1930s, this sweet made by Nestlé, which called itself the only white chocolate, began to be marketed around XNUMX as Milkybar, and was the first to appear on the market. market.

It could only be found in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, India, Ireland, Kwait, South Africa, and Spain under that name.

And it was not until about thirty years later that this sweet made by Nestlé began to appear under the name of Galak in other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and others in continental Europe.

On YouTube you can find one of the first Galak commercials made in Brazil, where they used an animated character to promote this sweet.

white chocolate there is more

Galak is not the only white chocolate on the market. In Venezuela and other countries of the world, there are many chocolate brands that have dared to bring out this sweet made with cocoa butter, milk and sugar for its rich flavor.

In our country, where in the last decade cocoa farmers and chocolatiers have created their own chocolate brands, you can find this delicious presentation to eat as a snack or make pastries.

Trapiche Cacao, a chocolate company located in the state of Táchira and which produces its own cocoa at Hacienda Rael, has for sale this product in bar form and in presentations of 500 grams and 1 kilo.

The Valle Canoabo brand, which produces its chocolate from the cocoa it grows at the Hacienda San Cayetano, in the state of Carabobo, has a presentation of a bar of 50 grams of white chocolate with chocolate cookies.

Likewise, the Chocolates El Rey brand won the gold medal in 2012 at the International Chocolate Awards 2012 for its chocolate white Carenero Superior Icoa.

And in terms of well-known international brands in our country that have white chocolate presentations, we cannot ignore Milka, Hershey's y toblerone, which are very popular among Venezuelans.

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